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Summer Camp Safety

LA Transportation Illinois Recommends That The First Rule of Safety is PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR KIDS.

Parents should know that camp staff is well trained to handle medical emergencies and can identify potential safety hazards, and that the camp has policies to prevent and respond to allegations of physical or sexual abuse. The American Camp Association requires camps to meet all of these standards, and many more.

Questions Parents Should Ask About The Operation Of The Camp

  • What licensing and accreditation do you maintain? Camp leaders should be able to prove licensing with the state and show if they’re accredited by the ACA and other organizations.

  • What are your policies about handling emergencies and how is your staff trained to deal with them?

  • How are staff screened? Does each staff member undergo annual criminal background checks, including with the National Sex Offender Registry?

  • What is your staff to children ratio? The ACA recommends one staff member for every six children between ages 6 and 8 at an overnight camp, and even fewer per staff member for younger children.

  • How does the camp handle disciplinary matters with campers and staff?

  • What are your swim lifeguard qualifications and required skills? Are all camp staff trained in first aid/CPR?

  • Do you have a doctor or nurse on the premises? What hours of the day are they there? How do you handle an emergency if they are not present? How are parents notified if there is an emergency?

  • Will my child be going off premises on field trips? If so, how is transportation handled? What are the training requirements for staff who transport children?

  • How are visitors screened? And what are your policies for drop off and pickup?

  • How does the camp handle sensitive or personal issues among campers? How do you address bullying?​

It is recommends that parents check everything out when it’s time to drop off their child. Parents should look for anything suspect, especially when it comes to safety.

Have A Safe Summer

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